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Bienvenido a Horse Auctions, sitio web de subastas y ventas para el país y el extranjero

The Flemish government supported PaardenPunt Vlaanderen for the development of this website. All studbooks that are recognized in Flanders are given the opportunity to place their auctions and sales sites on this platform. The platform will be promoted internationally.

The Flemish horse sector is the absolute best in the world, both in breeding and sport. Foals and horses are already being sold from Flanders to all parts of the world. The economic importance of this cannot be underestimated. According to Eurostat data, nearly 3,500 live horses worth 65 million euros were exported from Flanders in 2020.

This initiative helps horse breeders and keepers to further expand the worldwide export of horses and thus support the Flemish economy.

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